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New Homes

    Did you know that most Home Builders do not actually “build” their own homes? You would be hard pressed to find even one with enough personnel, equipment and all the numerous other resources necessary to perform EVERY building trade entirely from in-house. All Builders must rely on Subcontractors to a varying degree, and many times the same Subcontractor can be working for several different Builders at the same time. For example, N&H has installed literally hundreds of foundations over the years for dozens of different Builders. So what makes one Builder stand out over the other? How can one claim that their homes are superior to another’s when it’s not unusual for several of the same companies to have had a hand in the construction of both?

    There are two important elements that separate a good Builder from the bad- the Builder’s ability to interpret and transform the customer’s dreams and goals into a quality home that exceeds their expectations, along with the level of supervision, coordination, scheduling and quality control that is achieved by the Superintendent during construction.

    Here at N&H, we work with the customer to understand exactly what their needs and desires are first. Then we go through an exhaustive plan review to address those concerns, re-engineer any changes or additions, and then plan and execute the construction process by coordinating Subcontractors and scheduling. We keep the customer involved throughout the entire process at whatever level of participation they choose, from initial design and product selection to the final Inspection, addressing any additional questions and concerns along the way. An informed customer is our best customer, and we strive to make sure our’s are well schooled in the art of Home Building by the time we turn the keys over to them.