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Additions and Remodeling

    With the weak housing market beginning in 2005, people began to spruce up their existing homes instead of attempting to trade up. And since we were already building New Homes, it didn’t take much to gear up to handle Additions as well. In some ways however, Additions are more difficult than new Homes in that you have to deal with both old and new construction, with the goal being a seamless transition from one to the other, inside and out. And more often than not, there are unforeseen complications tying the new footing to the old in such a way as to be structurally sound while adhering to the construction plan as closely as possible.

    This is where our Foundation experience really shines. Not only can we accommodate just about any type of Foundation modification and tie-in, we can do it for considerably less since we don’t have to subcontract out the largest and most expensive single component of the project.

    Another aspect of constructing Additions that we can take advantage of is the fact that when you use several different subcontractors, not every one of them is going to take the same amount of care to make sure that the trade that comes after them will not have any problems. When you are able to do a large amount of the construction yourself as we do, we can anticipate and resolve any problems with trade interference as they happen. This keeps costs down, the project on schedule and the customer happy.