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MHBR #6966 - MD. LIC. #15386677 - M.C. LIC. #BC3583 - MHIC LIC. #120319 - MBE/DBE #04-081 - PCC #991406

    Recently, N&H General Construction has acquired exclusive distribution rights in the United States for a revolutionary new product called Stone Spray. As its name suggests, Stone Spray is a real stone coating that can be sprayed onto many different surfaces- as part of an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) or applied directly to brick, concrete, or any other solid, stable surface. It uses a water-based acrylic polymer adhesive to form a super-tough, weatherproof coating that will stand up to the harshest environments. We are excited about rolling out this brand new product and are promoting it with super-low introductory pricing to get it out into the marketplace.  

    Nelson W. Hernandez is the Owner and Company President and is in charge of all field operations. Mr. Hernandez began with a small crew over thirty years ago doing small jobs, investing the majority of his profits back into the business. After becoming incorporated in 1991, N&H continued to grow steadily, picking up several major Home Builders in the process. As a result, N&H has grown to be one of the largest concrete subcontractors in the area today.

   When the housing market took a nosedive beginning in 2006, N&H began looking for other ways to create revenue and keep its workers working. We obtained MBE and DBE certification and began bidding our way into small to medium sized commercial concrete projects. We also began building our own homes about this same time, accumulating a modest lot inventory along with developing our first subdivision. Renovations and Additions followed naturally, rounding out our residential construction services.